More2Life Life Coaching
13th December 2017


What is on offer through More2life?

First and foremost a client centred experience for you. Usually we would make contact by phone and then arrange a first appointment. Typically life coaching sessions last from thirty minutes to an hour and take place over a number of weeks, either by telephone, or one-to-one at my office in Killaloe, Co Clare.

The themed offerings below may be of interest to you.

Find the flame within - eight sessions aimed at exploring what it is that you really have a passion for. The sessions can last for up to an hour at a time and can be delivered over a time period that suits you but typically we will work together over a four month period. The pace of this programme can vary to suit your individual needs but usually we will have two sessions in each of four months. We will look at values, goals and how you can find the flame within to create a more satisfying lifestyle.

Time for me - six sessions designed to help you create time for yourself in the whole picture of your life. We will look at how you spend your time, who else has calls on it, where it goes and how to make more space in your life for the most important person in it, namely yourself .Using some established tools such as a time audit we will think creatively about how to put time for you into your day, week month and year.

Reflections - you are at a crossroads, at a certain point in your life. Maybe it's time to consider a career change; maybe you have had a wake up call which makes you realise that it's not a dress rehearsal; maybe you have a range of options and are having difficulty making a choice; "Should I go to College as a mature student?" "Is it possible for me to organise my resources to leave this organisation and start my own business? How would I go about it? “Five sessions of coaching over a time period which we can agree will help you to marshal your resources; reflect on what it is you really want to achieve and help you to enhance the skills and potential that you already have.

Quick Fire - four sessions of half an hour each over an eight week period designed to match your own energetic commitment to making change happen in your life - fast.

The coaching is for you and it belongs to you but we will contract together for the work so that it gets done in a time frame which is realistic and feels right for you. Most of all I will work with you to create coaching which gets you to where you want to go.

Contact me today to discuss your requirements!

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